Pharmaceutical Marketing

Experience in building and managing specialty and general sales forces, as needed to address individual product/company needs. Experience with co-marketing arrangements which will ensure success in achieving company goals and objectives.

Developed hundreds of marketing plans for products in numerous therapeutic classes. Customized strategies and tactics to optimize the financial outcomes utilizing the various tactical elements to create a symphony effect in revenue outcomes. Marketing is comprised of numerous strategies and tactical elements that when appropriately utilized and timed the results can provide extraordinary results.

Market Research
Market research is critical to the success of all products. Mistakes are common when companies fail to define the market accurately. Market research is the key to a successful launch and continued success throughout the entire life-cycle of the product. Market research experience in both primary and secondary research and can ensure the market and the resources needed are accurately highlighted to achieve success.

Medical Marketing
Medical marketing has grown in utilization. Medial liaisons made up of medical doctors, registered nurses, PhD’s and physicians assistants can all play a significant role in helping prescribing physicians understand the valuable attributes of a products and it benefits for both patient and the physician. Various types of medical marketing programs can be developed which will assist in physician utilization and awareness.

Co-marketing can have a significant advantage if the sales force has significant experience in a specific therapeutic category and /or significant experience in a medical specialty. Relationships are critical to gain access and the more access to a large population the greater the potential for driving revenues higher and longer.

Contract Sales Force
Learn the advantages and disadvantages of contract sales forces. Do they really have your best interest at heart? Are they designed to drive revenues and build product loyalty to the brand? Are they truly interested in working for your company after the assignment is over? What is the incentive for them to drive sales effectively and build a relationship for the brand and the company? Contract sales force can lower costs, they allow for the flexibility of hiring and dismissing the non-performers and incentivizing the high performers.

Commercial Viability
We can help you identify the commercial viability of the product. What is the market, the off-label potential, the needs in the market for another “me too” product? The value in a unique medically needed product that has a long term medical necessity.

Business Development
Assist in the identification of synergetic products that can enhance the product portfolio as well as increase efficiencies, lower the cost per call and optimize revenues.