Pharmaceutical Portfolio Management in Naples FL

We can assist in the management of the portfolio by reviewing your existing portfolio and recommendations for future acquisitions.

Life-Cycle Management
We can help design a Life -cycle Plan which will provide direction for maximizing the asset value of the compound. We can explore the line extensions, new indications, delivery systems and other vehicles that can be adopted to extend the exclusive period and possibly create significant clinical differentiation and improved outcomes while generating incremental revenues.

Product Synergies
Products in the same therapeutic class can add significant synergies and efficiencies for the company. For example, having two oncology products will offer significant cost efficiencies if the oncology market can be seen to have significant overlap and help drive incremental revenues.

Pricing plays a significant role in physician adoption as well formulary approval. Knowing how to price a product in a highly competitive therapeutic class will enhance utilization and adoption. Knowing when and how to provide patient subsidies, discount cards, can also enhance physician and patient adoption. Formulary adoption will influence physician prescribing behavior, pricing and clinical differentiation. These factors will play a large role in establishing price and adoption.