Pharmaceutical Patent & Contract Litigation in Naples FL

Companies are constantly being served court documents accusing them of wrongful actions whether it be breaches of contract, price gouging, distribution errors, etc.

Patent Challenges
There is a constant barrage from third parties to get the courts to dismiss a patent on a prescription product as invalid allowing for generics to enter the market. These tactics can have an enormous negative impact on the product and the company’s financial survival. Courts are also sought to address contract breaches and performance goals outlined in agreements. We have been engaged by clients to draft reports domestically and internationally that are used in court testimony to address the charges being asserted by the opposing party.

Contract Breaches
We have also been engaged by law firms to represent companies that have been charged with a breach of contract, fiduciary responsibility, and possible wrong doings. We have provided reports, arguments and documentation which have successfully defended companies from debilitating financial damages and in addition have worked for the plaintiffs assisting them in wining significant awards.

Trademark Challenges
Some companies find their trademarks being challenged resulting in possible confusion for their customers. We can assist in researching and providing documentation to show that the trademark has legally been assigned and managed.