• Maximize revenues?
  • Maximize the effectiveness of your sales force?
  • Coach product management?
  • Slow the erosion of patent expired products?
  • Reduce the cost of company meetings?
  • Position your products for the highest rates of return?
  • Establish a co-promotion arrangement?
  • Find hidden revenue opportunities?
  • Confirm what your product positioning strategy is?
  • Create marketing programs that have documented returns?
  • Reduce expenses?

In today’s highly complex pharmaceutical business environment, it is imperative to maximize product promotional returns with the limited resources available.

Pharma Consultants has a broad range of experience and expertise in a number of areas:

  • Market research
  • Consultant meetings
  • Co-promotion arrangements
  • Business development
  • Slowing the erosion of patent expired products
  • Contract product marketing
  • Product Market Strategies and Promotion
  • Product Positioning
  • Therapeutic Area Analysis
  • Competitive Product Analysis
  • Managed Care Impact on Product Success
  • Accessing Data from Industry Sources
  • Expert Reports, Deposition Testimony, Trial Testimony
  • Opinions on Hatch – Waxman Commercial Issues
  • Portfolio Analysis
  • Marketing and Sales Analysis
  • Opinions on Drugs for Unmet Medical Need from a Business Perspective

If your organization has a need in any of these areas please call me for a free consultation.

“Why spend more when you can get more for less?”